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Winter Weddings

9 May 2019

Plan your Winter Wonderful Wedding with us at Orion Hotels & Resorts

Winter Weddings can be such a treat especially in South Africa where our Winters are sometimes more like really cold Autumn days coupled with a chilly wind. We do not experience extreme wet and cold weathers like the Northern Hemisphere, nor do we get heaps of snow! The afternoon June sun is a warm welcome to sit and be merry with friends.

Another great advantage of getting married in the Winter months is that most venues and hotels do provide you with a Winter Rate as these are usually the slower months for business. Whether constricted by budget or you are thinking of planning a June wedding, you probably are looking for some tips and tricks for your perfect Winter Wedding!

1. Invest in Winter Accessories
Okay, so I know I just said that our Winters aren’t that cold but it is your wedding day and you don’t want to unprepared. Imagine just how cute a Faux fur wrap or cape would look. Alternatively, be as regal as Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day and opt for a long sleeve wedding dress

2. Boys plus Velvet
You must be thinking, really? Velvet? Isn’t that 80s fashion? Wrong. It’s actually so on point at the moment and the thick fabric will keep those boys warm while they wait for you at the end of the aisle.

3. Oh no, chapped lips!
In the days leading up to your big day, the keyword will be ‘moisturize’. Dry lips and skin are common during the colder periods, so keep applying that moisturizer to the outside and drink lots of water to moisturize from the inside.

4. Under your Dress… sssh! We won’t tell
If you have a long dress, and it’s one of those very very cold days, you can always wear a pair of thick stockings underneath. We won’t tell if you don’t!

5. Winter footwear can be stylish, right?
Instead of spending hours with your perfectly manicured feet in pain inflecting stilettos, opt for a more comfortable pair of shoes. How about a great pair of ankle boots or sneakers?

6. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids!
Keep them warm too. Be ready with cover-ups for them and why not personalize each one to double up as the perfect bridesmaid gift.

7. Add extra romance with Candles
Winter days are shorter, which means, the darkness creeps in much earlier. Although they can be expensive, I recommend allocating budget to candles which will add a sense of cozy-ness and warmth to your venue. Think a multitude of big, small, tall, short, fat, thin candles all bundled together on the floor, tables or steps. Romance level upgraded!

8. Talking about darkness, how much Light do you have?
Wedding photographs has always been the greatest and single most important activity of the day. Calculate how much light you actually have for photographs, you might need to push your ceremony up by an hour or two, just to make sure you have enough daylight for all those family pictures!

9. Winter Colours
Ever googled Winter Colours, the warm burgundy, berry, cherry black & gold are the perfect colors to create more warmth within your bridal party.

10. Keep your guests warm.
Your guests are the most important people in your life, you don’t want them getting frostbite on their noses! Keep them warm by offering a hot welcome drink, spreading mushroom as heaters around or have a bonfire (if your venue allows this)

Now you have the insiders tips and tricks to plan a Winter Wedding, what are you waiting for? Start planning! Unless he hasn’t proposed yet, then maybe hold off on the planning. Visit one of our 9 hotels across South Africa for a romantic weekend getaway instead! Did we mention that Mont Aux Sources Hotel in the Northern Drakensberg has in the passed experienced snow! Or go North to Tzaneen and experience true old world at Coach House Hotel & Spa with an indoor heated pool and a view that will literally take your breath away.

All of the Orion Hotels and Resorts can host your Winter Wedding, with in-house experienced event coordinators we take out the stress of planning your perfect Winter Wedding!