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Valentine’s Day at Orion Hotels

15 February 2019

Can you feel it in the air? It’s that time of year again where shop fronts are covered in red, white and pink. It’s Valentine’s Day. Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day by showering our loved ones with chocolates, flowers and cute stuffed animals. But do you really know the true origin of Valentine’s Day?

In the beginning
To cut a long story short and without boring you, we celebrate Valentine’s Day in honor of a Roman Saint, St Valentine who was martyred on the 14th of February 269 AD. This saint is widely recognized as the saint of love and was martyred for helping Christians in Rome who were persecuted during that time. In 469 AD Pope Gelasius established the feast of Saint Valentine in honor of the Christian Martyr. Today we know this day to be Valentine’s Day

Since then we continue to celebrate Saint Valentine and this year will be no different. The tradition of Saint Valentine is not known to many and in our modern times we celebrate this day as the day of love.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Every couple or person celebrates this day differently. Children write cards at school, boyfriends go in search of red roses, a symbol of love, others enjoy a romantic dinner with their partner. It is a subjective celebration of love in any shape or form.

Looking for a new way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one?
At Orion Hotels we have put together packages to help you in achieving the perfect expression of love.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Orion Hotels in Limpopo
We have 3 hotels in Limpopo where you can sweep your Valentine off their feet. Coach House & Spa is preparing a romantic dinner for 2 with the added option to stay the night and truly experience the beauty of the country. Our offerings at Magoebaskloof Hotel is similar in setting, but the menu is very different. Each of our hotels are unique and bring a different type of romance, depending on your preference.

Ditholo Game Lodge, located in Bela-Bela is our African Lodge where you can dine under the stars, listen to the sounds of wildlife and let the love between you and your partner become one with nature. Here you are able to stay the night or even the entire weekend. Why not celebrate the day of love over 3 days.

Let Orion Hotels help you express your love in the Drakensberg
Flanked by South Africa’s majestic Drakensberg Mountains, Mont Aux Sources Hotel has the romantic setting you have been waiting for. We have a 5 course plated menu and wine pairing waiting for you and your partner and you don’t need to worry about driving back home after your dinner, you can stay the night with us and enjoy the remainder of the evening.

What about Gauteng?
Orion Hotels have 2 properties within the Gauteng region. The Devonshire Hotel and Velmoré Hotel & Spa, each with their own uniqueness. The Devonshire Hotel has a dinner and stay offer that will surely you give you the city rush you are looking for. Unless you are looking for a more refined elegance which you will find at Velmoré Hotel & Spa. Both of these hotels have dinner and stay packages that will bring out the romantic in you.

Still, haven’t found what you are looking for? Orion Hotels has more offers for you, because you know your loved one deserve it, why not book a table at The Venue Country Hotel & Spa where a 5 course plated dinner menu is what you can expect and if the drive is too far out of the city, you can spend the night or how about the whole weekend.

Safari Lodge, Hotel & Convention Centre located in Rustenburg and Hotel Promenade located in Nelspruit have romantic packages to help you and your partner experience a romance filled Valentine’s Day.

All 9 of our Orion Hotels are offering romantic dinners, romantic dinner and stay options or a full romantic weekend away. The decision is up to you, where will you go? What will be your choice, because we know Love is subjective we have 9 locations each with their own romance filled plans ready for you and your partner to arrive.

We eagerly await your decision.