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11 June 2018

Eat, Drink, Dance & be Merry

The Wartburger Spring Festival took place on the 21st of October and what a magical day it was for the Orion Events organising team, and the festival goers who came through to enjoy the wonderful day.

The festival started at 10:00 with the music blaring through the speakers, the traditional German Umpa band perfoming, and lots of laughs, food and of course beer. The weather was perfect for our outdoor event and people definitely arrived in good spirits and to have a great time. Some of the stalls included Chip and Dip, Tai food, German sausage rolls and many more. The Breweries that were selling their beer were Toti Brewery, Great Railroad Brewery and Lion’s River Brewery.

Our head line act for the day was the talented young, Chad Jubber, who performed some of his original music as well as some classic hits to get the crowd going. The day ended with people sitting, drinking and overall having a great time. The after party was in the Farmer’s Bar where a karaoke competition took place and guests sang their hearts out to win the coveted prize which was then won by a very hilarious young man who gave a beautiful rendition of Let it Go, from the movie Frozen.

Overall the event was fantastic! A special thank you to Antoinette Kleyn, Bruce from Mont Aux Sources, Francois van Wyk and his wife, Moira, Pamela, Wanda, Tendai, Allan, Kirsten, and everyone else who made the day such a huge success. Here is to next year and may it be even bigger, better and bolder! Wartburger Spring Festival! It’s Happening!