The Drakensberg aka Fallen Tree

The Fallen Tree is another extremely popular wedding venue situated on the upper level of a two-storey building, wrap around balcony with breathtaking views of the fertile valleys and farmlands. Accessible along a wooden walkway and shaded by majestic gum trees, the Fallen Tree is a stand-alone building which ensures privacy with no outside interruptions or distractions. This aptly named venue was named for the huge blue gum tree that toppled over many years ago, the remaining stump still lies as homage to a giants passing.

The room has an impressive split ceiling with colonial bead board running the full length of this majestic venue. The Fallen Tree can accommodate 100 people with enough space for a dance floor.

This location lends itself to elegant wedding receptions and one would not be out of place dancing the night away to an elegant waltz, where men were dressed as gentlemen in traditional tuxedos or coat and tails, the ladies showing off sparkling jewellery and elegant ball gowns.

Venue Specifications:
The Fallen Tree room size: 11m x 17m.
Size: Seats up to 100 guests with a dance floor and 120 without a dance floor.
Door entrance: Height: 2.1m, width: 1.8m.