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Taste South Africa with every Conference at Ditholo Game Lodge

Heritage Month at Orion Hotels & Resorts

1 August 2019

Orion Hotels & Resorts celebrates Heritage Day!

It’s time to get all soft and gooey about our beautiful and one of a kind country, South Africa. What better way to celebrate Heritage Day by identifying 10 reasons why we love our Country!

10 Reasons why we love Heritage Day in South Africa:

1. The food, oh boy the food: South Africa might not be able to win the Cricket World Cup or bring the Soccer World Cup to our shores, but boy we know how to eat. If there was a World Cup for people that can eat, then I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to make at least the semi-finals.

2. The smell of a “Braai” around every corner: It’s called Braai Day for a reason and we are pretty sure Heritage Day would not be Heritage Day without a proper Braai. It’s not a Braai without the vegetable afterthought, the famous “4 Bean Salad.”

3. The languages come out to play: Whether it’s Howzit, Heita, Aweh, Sawubona, Molo, Unjani, Thobela, Dumela, Sharp Fede or just a simple Hallo.

4. It’s a fashion competition: Let’s be honest, South Africans are some of the most beautiful people in the world and on Heritage Day, it’s custom to bring that little bit extra, by wearing your traditional attire everywhere.

5. Springbokkies: Not the 2015 Rugby World Cup team or the cute buck. No, we are talking about the green and beige shooter. It should be the official Heritage Day drink, don’t you think.

6. Bomb competitions: Yes, there is nothing better than having a bomb competition on a hot summer’s day in the neighbourhood pool. Usually, it’s someone’s scale tipping uncle who wins.

7. Biltong! Quite possibly the most versatile snack on the planet! Loved by everyone, stored well it will last forever and only the best biltong is found in South Africa.

8. Shosholoza: One of South Africa’s most famous songs. There isn’t a stadium in South Africa where a rendition of “Shosholoza” has not been sung. It’s strange, it’s the one song everyone loves, but we all get it wrong.

9. Ubuntu: “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

10. Nelson Mandela: We know you were expecting this one, but the Father of the Nation can never go unmentioned when he was the one who lead South Africa into the freedom era.

At Orion Hotels & Resorts we plan on celebrating Heritage Month and Heritage Day the right way. With our Hotels located across this beautiful country, we thought it best to do a tribute to our awesome country and put our roots into conferencing, by sprinkling a tiny bit of South African dust on our conferencing packages and including a Shisha Nyama with every conference you book at Orion Hotel & Resorts.

In Gauteng we have the stunning and enchanting Velmoré Hotel & Spa, with its unique architecture, combining both traditional and modern elements; you’ll definitely feel like you’re in a different world.

The Venue Country Hotel & Spa in Broederstroom will definitely charm you with its quirkiness and stunning views.

Safari Lodge, Hotel & Convention Centre will mesmerize you with its stunning views of the Rustenburg Kloof.

In the Lowveld’s area of Nelspruit, you’ll find the iconic Hotel Promenade. Once the original Town Hall of Nelspruit.

Did someone say Hippo? Ditholo Game Lodge will definitely put the bush in the bushveld in Bela-Bela.

Coach House Hotel & Spa in Limpopo has become synonymous with elegant colonial luxury.

Take the boring out of conferencing this Heritage month and book your conference with Orion Hotels & Resorts