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19 February 2018

In life, you’re either a passenger or a pilot, you’ve got that choice. This is one of the biggest choices you will ever make.

Are you defining what direction you’re moving in or are you letting other people make the biggest decisions of where you are going? See, at first it’s more comfortable being the passenger, you sit back, relax, have people serve you. It feels easier, it feels more natural. Then as time goes by you look outside the window and youn realize you ended up somewhere you didn’t want to be. Then you start blaming people around you, blaming the people who “made” those decisions for you, blaming people who should take responsibility for where you’v e ended up…

Sometimes you feel lost, confused and wonder how you ever got there. In that moment, at that time only you have this important choice to make. You can either switch seats, grab hold of the steering wheel and start guiding your life or remain a passenger. You cant be both!

So which one are you?